Cup of Joe!

Dark and Divine

Strong and Exotic

Intense Aroma

Sip of Enthrallment

Gulping Ecstasy

Dosage of Dopamine ‘High’!!

Dear my cup of coffee,

I’m in love with you to ditch my frets!!

Pic credits: Google

Tale of Two Friends : Parched Soil & The Rain

On a lethargic Sunday, my sleep was busted by flicking power outages. With morning blues and bed coffee in hand, I sauntered through the porch. It was a brilliant sunshiny day. Red-hot sun. Spiring temperatures. Sweat dripping. Dry and dehydrating air, reminding of Chinook!!πŸ€’ I noticed, there was someone who was athrist hellishly. It was THE SOIL – parched, spiritless, lying slothful, amid the rising hot air – straightaway steeping the dripping sweat, to quench its long festering appetite. I have noted that soil has been perturbed in this day and age.

I had a quick word with the soil, the other day, sipping my exhilarating dose of caffeine. It was annoyed, as his friend – THE RAIN – hasn’t showed up promptly. I felt sorry for the poor soul, for, it has been awaiting him all long. With the waning aquifers and waxing heat waves, it was not only an amiable meet, but a matter of subsistence.

It was one of the sunny afternoons, as usual! But in an hour or so, there was swapping of aura all over the place. The air wasn’t anhydrous and parching anymore, it was coldish and softening. There was engulfing Petrichor and no shadows to testify the change, As the clouds screened the sun. The weather was calming, with increasing olfactory senses of Petrichor as I gradually advanced to the lobby.

As I stepped outdoors, something knocked the forehead – hard enough to pay heed, yet gentle and pacifying. I gazed up. It was the water droplets. I saw transtorming them from soft shower to the downpour, THE RAIN.

Enthralled, I gushed out to attest the fascinating Milan of the two old friends : PARCHED SOIL AND THE RAIN.(Picture credits : Google)

But, oops! I missed the boat. By the time I turned – up, there was an austere confab between them. I stood by the side, to hear over their dialogue. πŸ˜‹

SOIL : Oh my friend! It’s been ages that we have reached one another. I have endured the frosty wintry air, have put-up with blazing sun, deponed intrinsic elegance of the fall , to greet you. Where have you been? You drop in once in a blue moon! 😒

RAIN: My apologies Pal! I fancy to pay a call to you time and again. I conjure up the musings of the zeal in us to unite, the exquisite tie-in between us. But I can’t dishonor my system of working and mechanism… s..!

SOIL: Yea buddy!!( Delighted Soil impeded Rain ) I do recall the downtime, only that it was pleasing then. We reciprocated the warmth of care and checked on eachother’s what’s – what. It was merry having talk with you. But then, out of the blue, you been acting strange. What made you to abstain from a visitation. Did I offend you ??( Standing there, I was conscience – striken at the soil’s chasity)

RAIN: Oh dear! That is what I was about to express. And no, it’s not you but the avarice of the Homo Sapiens, that is unsettling my mechanisms. I’m obliged by the constrictions of manifestation. And you know, how vulnerable I am to the upheavals. I get Vibes of anxiety😰 by murky, overwhelming Pollution. The Green House gases blue me. The Global Warming make me edgy. There used to be jungles, flourishing with my friends – animal genia, lushing Green trees – reinforcing my fortitude. But then, humans, in the guise of development have deteriorated them into concrete jungles.

SOIL: Alas! Green trees used to be my allies too! We had a blissful symbiotic relation. I miss it at this time!πŸ˜” The anguish with me is neither offbeat my friend. I suffer of alkalisation, desertification and erosion. Exacerbated by synthetic fertilizers, faulty agricultural practices and declining levels of ground water. Now that you are whimsical and with scanty water sources, my hardships are no way near culmination.

RAIN: I beg your pardon dear! I’m mindful of the repercussions and I’m culpable, not only to you, but many breathing animates walking this beautiful earth. But I’m walled! I’m contrite at my ineptitude! I anticipate, humans do comprehend our agony in short order.

SOIL: Cierto! It’s a matter of concerted endeavor by one generation ,one unified generation to metamorphise the trajectory of growth towards ‘Sustainability ‘. I’m sanguine about vicissitudes, for, it’s also necessitude for humans furtherance. And also that we don’t need to hang on long to fall in! 😍

(Being a human myself, I chuckled at the childlike daydream of the duo . Mystifyed, I inquired, would the word ‘Sustainability ‘ itself endure the expedition to the future? )

RAIN: Adios Amigo! Hora de irse! πŸ‘‹( It was time for the rain to greet soil, sayonara! after an hour long downpour.)

SOIL: Yes, off you go pal! Wish to see you soon!🀩 Adio…s!

By the time soil extended adieu to his acquaintance, he faded! Soil was ecstatic. πŸ˜€

So were my little Saplings, my hopping little pup, the damp squirrel, and the shaking off cat.

Drenched and appeased, I fell back to the lounge, to relish a cup of aromatic espresso in the midst of settling Petrichor ! ☺

Meri Adhuri Prem Kahani

On a deserted path,

Alone I was commuting!

Startled, by a movement in the bushes!

Petrified, I turned around, to identify you my Love!

You were busy nibbling something, Yet conscious of my presence!

It’s been ages that I haven’t seen you , that you slipped off my memory lane!

Here you are now, reminiscing me of My Love!

Auld lang syne, since girlhood I have craved to express the warmth of my feelings to you!

Inspite of my redo endeavor, you have time and again shied away from me !

Was it your incertitudeness or Your incredulity that was foiling you?

You were on a lane, with your scurry, on a cold, breezy morning! Probably waiting for me! πŸ˜‰

Bewitched by your adorable countenance , scintillating eyes and fluffy tail, I determined to let you know my inner voices!

But Oh my squirrel! Yet again, you have capitulated to your diffidence!

Left me alone, with my unvoiced adorations !

On a deserted path!!